Interview with BLEND lender Mrs Li

In this new series of interview posts, we get to know the lenders and borrowers in the peer to peer lending market. We’ll be sharing their experiences and insights over the coming months. Thanks to all contributors.

Mrs Li is a private investor and full-time mum who has been a peer to peer lender (P2P) for 5 months. She started lending with Blend Network in March 2018 and since then has lent on a 12% return p.a. loan to a Northern Irish property developer who intended to finance the first part of construction costs for the development of 8 houses in Limavady.

We chatted to Mrs Li about her experiences as a peer to peer lender, her views on the asset class and much more in this in-depth interview.

Blend Network: How long have you been investing in peer to peer lending?

Mrs Li: I have been investing in P2P since earlier this year.

Blend Network: Why did you start investing in P2P?

Mrs Li: I had had an interest in peer to peer for some time but I was concerned about the safety of it, especially because P2P is quite chaotic in China. I came across Blend and they were offering property loans in Pounds. P2P lending in Pounds, for me, is a right choice made in the right place at the right time.

Blend Network: What’s your investment strategy with P2P lending?

Mrs Li: I mainly look for secured loans . Property loans are particularly attractive to me because they are secured against the property and property is a sector that I am interested in. I wanted to get more exposure to property and P2P seemed like a good option.

Blend Network: What sort of things do you look for in a P2P lending platform/product?

Mrs Li: I mainly look for returns and risk. I think Blend loans offer a good risk/return profile.

Blend Network: How do you view P2P within your broader investment portfolio?

Mrs Li: To be honest, and this might sound a bit controversial, but for me P2P is the safest part of my portfolio compared to stocks. Whereas stocks are quiet volatile and can move quiet a lot, P2P offers fixed returns and the peace of mind is something I value a lot.

Blend Network: Tell us about your experience lending with Blend Network. 

Mrs Li: I started lending with Blend back in March after I came across them on LinkedIn. Blend’s staff guided me through my first experience with professionalism and efficiency.

Blend Network: What is the thing you like the most about Blend and what is something we can improve on?

Mrs Li: I like the high returns. It’d be good to see products in other currencies.

Blend Network: Who do you think P2P lending appeals to most?

Mrs Li: I think this product appeals to anyone who is looking for a fixed return or has an interest in alternative finance and FinTech.

Blend Network: What advice would you give to a prospective P2P investor?

Mrs Li: Diversify.

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*Capital at Risk

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