Blend Network selected for Pitch@Palace

We’re thrilled to announce that Blend Network has been selected to participate at Pitch@Palace next week.

The Duke of York founded Pitch@Palace to provide a platform to amplify and accelerate the work of entrepreneurs. Pitch@Palace gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet the people who can help make their business dreams become a reality. It guides, helps and connects entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses with potential supporters, including CEOs, Influencers, Angels, Mentors and Business Partners. Pitch@Palace also provides a platform for entrepreneurs, creating introductions to mentors and advisors, access to distribution systems and supply chains and connections and investment.

Blend Network focuses on funding experienced small and medium property developers who are looking to build more affordable homes across the UK regions outside Greater London. The government’s target is to raise housing supply to 300,000 per year, on average . Yet, according to a report by the Homebuilders Federation availability and terms of financing for residential development has become extremely difficult for small housebuilding companies over the past decade or so .

Keep an eye on our exciting pipeline of loans at and start lending now from £1,000 to earn double-digit returns of up to 15% p.a.

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