Blend Network in the press in August

August was a month of no respite at Blend Network. The month started on a strong note when we funded the £600,000 Southwold loan 1. This 9% return p.a. loan was funded by 108 lenders. A few days later, we funded the 8% return p.a. Hall Quay loan, the 10% return p.a. Happisburgh loan 4 and the 8% return p.a. Aldershot loan.

Blend Network’s name has been going on strong in the national and specialised press. In case you missed it, here’s a small selection of what the press wrote about us and some of the opinion pieces we wrote in several magazines and newspapers over the past month:

  • Information AgeWhy FinTech lending holds the key to Britain’s ‘level up’ recovery (link)
  • IFA MagazineInvestors must rebalance their portfolio for a post C-world of higher inflation (link)
  • Qandor ClubWhy are wealthy investors using peer-to-peer lending platforms to do private lending (link)
  • Crowdfund InsiderYann Murciano, CEO at Online P2P Lender Blend Network, Says “We are Witnessing the Democratization of Property Investing”(link)
  • Information AgeWhat does Mr Johnson’s ‘build build build’ means for the PropTech sector? (link)
  • DiversityQThe other gap that no one is talking about (link)
  • Bridging IntroducerCommercial properties: Loveless high streets (link)

More loans are coming at Blend Network in September. So, make sure you keep an eye out and start lending on our property-secured loans from only £1,000.


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