Monthly Market Pulse: October 2021

Rising – and potentially long-lasting – inflation has continued to dominate the headlines across developed economies, including in the UK[i]. Meanwhile, the Bank of England has warned that rising inflation could trigger a sell-off in global financial markets, with damaging consequences for the UK economy[ii]. All these combinations of factors have accelerated investors’ search for yield, to diversify their stock market positions and also to protect against feared inflation.

Chart of the month: Inflation jumped to 3.2% in August 2021

Source: Office for National Statistics (ONS), BBC, Blend Network

Politics & Economics

  • Petrol queues, food shortage and 1.5 million cauliflowers left unpicked to rot. Those have been the types of headlines dominating in the UK over the past month or so[iii]. Although members of the armed forces have been drafted to help tackle the supply chain crisis by driving lorries, the issue appears far from being solved in the near-term[iv].
  • Levelling up’, the term first used by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in 2019, reappeared at the Conservative Party conference earlier this month[v]. In his speech, Mr Johnson focused on ‘levelling up’ the country to close the gap between the rich parts of Britain, mainly London and the south-east, and the rest of it, chiefly northern constituencies[vi].


  • Rising energy prices caused inflation pressures in the EU. The EU’s September inflation rose to 3.4%, the highest level in 13 years. Germany CPI rose by 4.1%, a 29-year high[vii].
  • In the UK, the Bank of England expects inflation will rise above 4% this winter, the highest level seen in a decade, and will remain elevated until at least the summer of 2022 before gradually falling back towards the bank’s target rate of 2%. However, some analysts have warned inflation could increase at a higher level within months[viii].

Real Estate

  • According to the Nationwide House Price Index , annual house price growth remained in double digits for the fifth month in a row in September but eased back to 10.0% from 11.0% in August[ix]. Despite ongoing double-digit growth, momentum has eased since the start of summer, though prices remain c13% higher than before Covid began.
  • Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland were the strongest performing regions in Q3, while London was the weakest. Price growth in most English regions saw a slowdown in Q3, and performance in the north continued to exceed that in southern England[x].

Equity Markets

  • The energy shortage rattled other financial markets too, as investors worried about the fallout. US and Europe government bond yields climbed, and UK yields on ten-year gilts jumped to their highest since May 2019[xi]. Markets are down led by energy stocks[xii].
  • Earlier this month, the Bank of England warned that rising inflation could trigger a sell-off in global financial markets, with damaging consequences for the UK economy[xiii].

FX & Commodities

  • October was another roller-coaster month for energy prices. After OPEC resisted calls to increase output, crude price surpassed $80 per barrel and reached the highest level in three years. OPEC said it will stick to a steady output increase agreed this summer[xiv].
  • In Europe, natural gas price jumped by over 60% in two days. But prices soon reversed when Vladimir Putin hinted that Russia could supply additional gas to Europe[xv].

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