Check out our landmark projects this year

As we approach the year-end, we wanted to do a throwback to some of the landmark projects we funded in 2021. These are some of the schemes we really enjoyed funding, because the borrower behind it was a pleasure to work with, because the project itself was awesome and really unique or because we love the finish product. So, let’s take a look:

  • Our Cheltenham project: The first tranche of this scheme was actually funded in September last year, followed by a second tranche in November last year and a final tranche in February this year. But the reason we wanted to include this project among our landmark projects of 2021 is because the borrower behind this project came back to us to fund his next project in Gloucester. We loved working with this borrower to help him convert a former care home in Cheltenham into 12 apartments. In fact, we recently did an interview with him, and he told us how Blend Network stuck by him even at the height of the pandemic when he initially came to us in February 2020 looking to fund this scheme (we eventually funded the first tranche in September).
  • Our Gloucester project: We enjoyed so much working with the borrower behind the Cheltenham project that we were delighted when he came to us asking us to fund his next project. So, we funded the first tranche of this £4,600,000 GDV scheme in late-March. The second and third tranches were funded in July and in October.
  • Our Sunderland project: We funded the first tranche of this £4,181,000 GDV scheme back in late-May. The borrower came to us needing funding to develop 19 beautiful much-needed new houses in Sunderland.
  • Our Ferndown project: A few days after funding the first tranche of our Sunderland project on 27 May, we funded the first tranche of this £5,630,000 GDV scheme, followed by a second tranche of funding in August. This project had the largest GDV of all the projects we’d funded to date, but we were delighted to support the borrower who was looking to develop a property into 15 much needed apartments in Dorset.

You can check all the projects we have funded at

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