2022 Predictions in Development Finance

We recently published our first annual Predictions in Development Finance report. Set out in this report is an analysis of the challenges and obstacles, but also the opportunities within the market. We examine how the market has changed and what impact Covid-19 will have now and in years to come. We also evaluate how we must respond to meet these challenges and capitalize on the opportunities. As you read the report, you will appreciate that many of the challenges to grow and enter this market disproportionately impacts the small-scale SME developers who are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with larger Plc developers.

The market is going green…

“The next decade will be crucial for protecting the planet for future generations. Financial services, particularly specialist digital non-bank development finance lenders, have a critical role to play by helping deploy the financing of the changes required. Our first top prediction is for the development finance market to become greener in 2022 and specialist digital non-bank lenders to play a key role in the transition to a greener economy.”

Increased transparency is welcomed…

“Borrowers have grown increasingly sophisticated in recent years, demanding value and added transparency. Our second top prediction is for the development finance market to witness a gradual shift towards greater regulation and more transparency in 2022, particularly around financial promotions and treating customers fairly.”

Click here to download the report: https://blendnetwork.blog/2022-predictions-development-finance/


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